About us

SGL offers a complete pitch management system, for natural grass to grow in any stadium under any possible condition and playing schedule, whereby the natural grass experience for professional sports is preserved and pitch usage can be increased. Our unique approach and commitment ensure that we always deliver the promised quality. The SGL system has already been implemented by many of the highest rated sports clubs and stadiums worldwide.


  • A guaranteed top quality pitch
  • A system applied by stadiums worldwide
  • High-tech equipment
  • Highly valued after sales service
  • State of the art technology
  • Unique approach and commitment
  • Unrivalled experience and knowledge

Our Mission

Sport is all about emotion. How this emotion is experienced, is greatly affected by the atmosphere in the stadium. In our opinion natural grass contributes positively to the atmosphere in a stadium. SGL regards the following as its mission: allowing for natural grass to grow in any stadium under any possible condition, so that the natural grass experience for professional sports is preserved.


  • Agronomists with advanced knowledge of grass growth
  • Offers high-tech equipment
  • Specializes in revolutionary technology
  • Is used in more than 250 stadiums worldwide
  • Boasts a cutting-edge approach and commitment
  • Guarantees unique pitch quality
  • Provides a highly valued after-sales service

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The Revolution

SGL was founded in 2001, following a 3-year period of extensive research by Nico van Vuuren. Nico is a former rose grower, who after significant experience in the greenhouse with his roses, recognized a challenge in producing top quality pitches in sport stadiums all year round. To acquire the perfect pitch, it is important to manage all growing conditions and rule out the limiting factors. Research showed that light, which is often a limiting factor, is crucial when it comes to growing high quality grass inside sport stadiums. 

First trial

The first trial was conducted in 2003 in the penalty box at Sunderland AFC’s stadium, aptly named the Stadium of Light. Following positive trial results, PSV Eindhoven became the launching client with full pitch treatment in 2004. Other stadiums soon followed, making SGL the global market leader. Today, SGL has a wide range of products that improve pitch quality and is active in more than 250 stadiums worldwide.

The Great Success of SGL

SGL has experience in working with a variety of climates and types of sport, for many of the highest ranked sports clubs in the world. To date, we have proven the advantages of our particular approach in every single stadium in which we have worked. The success of SGL lies in the fact that we are focused on providing the tools, technology and knowledge required for the customer to achieve the very best possible pitch quality at the lowest possible costs.

First company in the field

SGL was the first company to work in this field and today remains the industry’s proud market leader and number one choice for the largest and most prestigious stadiums across the globe. Both our unique approach and commitment ensure that we always deliver the exact level of quality promised.

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