Grass Lighting News

We're constantly developing our grass lighting product range and we have some exciting new products and developments, including LED developments, that we would like to share with you.


Last time we've informed you about moving our LED tests to a stadium environment with a brand new innovative LED lighting unit. The first test location was PSV Eindhoven. Now that this test has been completed, our LED unit just traveled to its second location: the Allianz Arena in Munich. With LED armatures from Philips and the additional Infrared armatures, we're testing the efficiency of the unit when creating the right combination of LED light & temperature that's needed for grass growth. The Infrared armatures switch on when the temperatures are too low for growing quality grass. The test results will follow after we've collected all data from all trials. In addition to the stadium trials, our agronomy department has developed a model that can calculate whether LED (with or without infrared) is more efficient than other light sources for any stadium.


The first SU380 FLEX is now succesfully lighting the Santiago Bernabeu pitch! This Special Unit is designed to get the largest possible lighting surface while requiring minimal storage and maneuvring space. The ingenious mechanism folds the SU380 FLEX to an incredibly compact, easy to store unit. The unit can also be adjusted in height in order to fit to low entrance tunnels and to create the possibility to adjust the lighting intensity and temperature at ground level.

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The lightweight LU440 is now also available in FLEX edition! This means the unit can be adjusted in height with the push of a button. The first edition is successfully installed on the Old Trafford pitch. The FLEX Unit is ideal for stadiums with a low pitch entrance, and/or to fulfill the desire to influence light intensity and temperature at ground level. With the SmartBox, the unit can be operated from any place and at any time. It communicates with the Portal, registrating the lighting hours automatically.

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A lightweight lighting system that covers the entire width of a tennis court and is also very suitable for the cricket wicket. The first of the series is installed at the most prestigious tennis court in the world.