IQ55 new prototype trial

We are currently conducting numerous tests with an upgraded IQ55, including a unique 'Germination Mode'. 

What's new?

Our original IQ55 is equipped with an HPS lighting system, ventilation and air circulation system to allow fresh air into the unit and keep the air moving, sensors and a control panel that can control the inside conditions based on set parameters or manually. We have now added irrigation and Infrared in order to be able to control the inside environment even better. Again the optimum parameters can be set and the climate inside the IQ55 can be controlled fully automatically.

Germination Mode

One of the most unique new features, is the 'germination mode'. With the push of a button, the IQ55 can be set to germination mode which means the inside conditions will be automatically optimised for quick and strong germination.

This prototype is currently being tested at Leicester City and will be tested at more venues after. Based on the feedback of the customers we will develop the final product.

Follow the developments!

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