Pitch Tips: April 2017

For European countries, natural circumstances keep getting better for growing grass. A few maintenance tips from our agronomy team for the month April.


Keep the pitch aerated. Heavy April showers are not uncommon, so don’t let them surprise you. Keep control of Poa Annua by verticutting and, if you have the time and manpower, by hand picking. Don’t let your pitch get too dense, spongey and slow. Open the surface by verticutting or raking.

Start to increase your NPK input. Check the SGL ASSIST report for the ideal amounts. Consider cutting the grass in the opposite direction to stand it up, which will speed up the surface. 


Have you already done a soil and tissue analysis? If not, now is the time. The same goes for a nematode analysis.


Plan your end of season works. Identify any issues you may have now, so they can be resolved at the end of the season. The work you do at the end of the season will define how the pitch performs the next year. If applicable, book your renovation and your SGL service.

Form your disease prevention programme. Consider to incorporate UV treatment in your planning.


This is a great time to do an irrigation audit ahead of the summer.

Do you need to order new goal posts for the new season?

Has your heating system been working well? Book a service to fix any issues.