Pitch Tips August 2017

For most of you the season has already started or the start is right around the corner, while others on the other side of the world are deep into winter. We would like to give you some last preparation tips for kicking off to a strong and steady start of the season and some tips for maintaining a strong pitch during colder conditions.

Northern Hemisphere

Disease management

High ground temperatures and dew on the grass in the morning will put your grass at risk of diseases. Remove dew every morning with a brush and consider a preventative treatment. You could think of using the UVC180, which is a biological solution to diseases. Don’t go overboard with Nitrogen application, this will only add to disease issues.


If you have some shade on your pitches or when the grass growth is not sufficient, consider already using your lighting units. When temperatures at daytime are too high, use the units overnight. Make sure your soil moisture levels are good. If you have an SGL Analyser, check the levels of your soil cube on the SGL Portal. 

Checks & tests

Prior to painting your pitch, check all measurements are accurate. Prior to your first game do some testing, hardness, rotation, if numbers are high consider aeration. Make sure your corner flags are upright and clean, goal post heights are correct and posts are upright, and that the netting is clean and secure.

Southern Hemisphere

Winter times

During July much of Australia and New Zealand faced colder than average night time temperatures with some experiencing occasional frosts. As sub surface heating is not used many groundsmen implemented the use of growth sheets/covers to keep the soil and canopy as warm as possible. Winter is far from over so continuing these practices into August is essential.

Analyser & Portal

While the SGL Analyser and Portal are vitally important, you could argue that its use during winter is of upmost importance. Using the Analyser and Portal will help optimise use of your units allowing for better area coverage and more efficient power consumption.