Pitch Tips: January 2017

New Year is just around the corner! Our agronomists wrote down some tips for you to keep your grass growing and maintain the best possible quality in the very first month of 2017.


Keep your surface aerated and make sure to  keep an eye on your ground temperatures and weather forecast. Don’t let the surface dry out in cold weather, since the humidity can be low. Consider monitoring your moisture levels with the SGL Analyser. Dew removal should be not so necessary now. In fact, some water with any seeds you have put down and the lights are a great mix. 


Try to increase your lighting hours to the maximum in order to compensate for the lack of natural light and the low temperatures. The SGL Portal shows you the advised amount of lighting hours. 

Heating & nutrients

Try to avoid peaks of heat in your surface if you have a heating system. A consistent heat is cheaper than going very cold and very hot and the grass will like this much better too. Reduce your NPK, but not to very low levels. Just keep keep growing the plant with a reduced and constant growth rate.

Machine movement

Try to avoid excessive mowing or any other machine movements. If you haven’t already consider a slight increase in cutting height. Ask yourself; do you need to cut game day? Could you get away with just rolling? Spend additional time repairing divots.