Pitch Tips: March 2017

The March Pitch Tips from our Agronomy department for both the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere.

Northern Hemisphere

Shorter days

As we move into March we expect to see cooler temperatures. However, don't get caught out by a hot spell that often occurs in March. The daily light sum decreases and days will become increasingly favourable for the deployment of SGL rigs. See the lighting advice on the SGL Portal or contact the SGL agronomy department.


Renovations prior to the football season will likely take place and majority of groundsmen will oversow during this period. The lighting units and coverage with germination sheets can help you with a fast recovery after overseeding.

Moisture Management

Moisture management will still remain a key focus with an emphasis on seed germination and growth, which often relates to a favourable environment for disease promotion. Check the soil moisture measured bij the Soil Cube on the SGL Portal. 

Southern Hemisphere

Grass Lighting & Heating

Time to review the need for the heating system. See the SGL Portal for the meristem data of the Soil Cube.

Since the daily light sum increases, there’s a good chance you can reduce the lighting hours or number of mobile units on the pitch. Check the SGL Portal for the lighting advice for the ideal amount of lighting hours on your pitch. Based on the advice you can set the timer on the unit, in order to shut the units off after running the right amount of hours. This is cost and energy saving.


A verticut or a tractor mounted rake is a good tool to use now to combat Poa Annua, algae and to create more uniformity in the grass density. Watch out for the heavy spring showers. Frequent aeration is key to not being caught out.


Have you done a soil analysis? This will indicate your spring fertilizing programme. An increasing daily light sum and rising air and ground temperatures mean more growth, so now it will be the time to increase your NPK and Mg input. If you have SGL ASSIST advanced plus, check your weekly reports for advice on the NPK and Mg amounts.


Do you suffer from nematodes? Time to get a test, find out the hatching periods and maybe look to a biological approach to this. It’s the end of season so consider doing a very aggressive treatment in terms of application rates.

Checks & stock

  • Make a list of stock and defects for your lights
  • Have you booked your service yet?
  • Are your end of season works defined and booked?
  • Review your season. How can you do things better?