Pitch Tips May 2017

In Europe, spring has arrived (although that was hard to believe in some parts of the continent where late April frost was setting in). But it’s here, temperatures are rising and we’re heading towards the longest days of the year. Time to finalize end of season renovations! 


  • Remove Poa annua, thatch, algae
  • Address surface levels
  • Improve drainage
  • Amend any soil nutrient deficiencies
  • Reduce any issues with Nematodes

What seed are using?

It is very important to use the right blend or mixture for overseeding and the new seeding after the renovation. Make the right choice of cultivars and think about the purity of the seed lot and discuss the percent of undesirable grass seed in the bag. A good planning now is so important in order to start with a good clean pitch without grass weeds for the next season. Save the labels of the seedbags. The seedlot number can be used to trace the technical purity and germination of all the components. Make reservations for good seed lots to avoid last minute problems during the renovation.


  • Get an analysis of your pitch, check for any deviations, PH levels
  • Now is the time to order new goal posts and material if necessary.
  • Clean out all your sprinklers after the renovation work.
  • Book your light service and store your lights in a safe and ideally clean place.


In countries on the Southern Hemisphere, temperatures and daylight hours are starting to decrease in the pacific and the lighting units should now be in full use.

Soil moisture check

Lighting hours will increase over the coming weeks so you will need to be conscious of soil moisture. Prevent the profile from becoming too dry, especially under the lights. Your SGL Portal will tell you all of the necessary information measured by the SGL Analyser.

Soil moisture control

As conditions become colder and wetter, your soil profile needs to remain open with limited thatch to prevent a water logged surface. Aerating with pencil or bayonet tines is always a good option to ensure limited impact on the turf. A free draining pitch will provide a better environment for root development and a healthy plant. It will give greater protection against heavy event schedules and kick 2 kick. In areas of high rainfall a soil penetrant might be required. 

Lighting maintenance

Be sure to keep the plugs of the lighting units clean and free of debris to prevent any issues. Keeping the bulbs clean will ensure maximum efficiency out of your units.