UVC180 trials successfully completed

Last October we introduced the UVC180: a machine that prevents and treats fungal diseases with UVC light. In other words, the biological solution for disease control. After a successful trial at Real Madrid and showcase at SALTEX, the UVC180 went to St. Georges Park in November for further testing.

The grounds team used the machine daily, alternating two hybrid pitches. Alan Ferguson, Head of Grounds & Estates - The FA Group, says the results are very encouraging.

Experience & Results

"Of the two hybrid pitches we had some Fusarium showing on one but not the other. By using the machine we stopped the Fusarium spreading and have prevented the other one suffering any attack. Interestingly the other pitches on the park have all suffered an attack during the trial but the trial pitches are clear.

This is interesting as the other pitches are on each side of the trials. I am very happy with the trial as I see it as a massive step forward in fungal management. We have already started to plan a machine in which will go straight into the pitch programme in 2017."  - Alan Ferguson, Head of Grounds & Estates - The FA Group