Systematic and effective fungus diseases treatment


The SGL UVC180 is a compact and lightweight machine specially designed for systematic and effective fungus diseases treatment of natural grass sports playing surfaces. For optimal results our agronomists can offer support by determining the disease pressure based on weather data and provide advice on the frequency and intensity of use.

The UVC180 offers a biological solution for fungus diseases treatment, by destroying active growing fungi with UV-C light. This method is also called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). The short-wave part of the UV spectrum (UV-C) is used to kill fungi and prevent diseases, without affecting the grass plant.


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The UV-C lights operate at a distance from the grass that is optimal to achieve the most effective fungus treatment and to secure safety for both the grass and the groundsman. Because of the compact design the machine has a small turning circle and is very easy to manoeuvre. In storage it takes up minimal space.

• Biological and sustainable fungus treatment
• Compact & lightweight machine
• Advanced support by SGL agronomists
• Treats multiple species of fungi

The speed of the machine can be set manually from 3 - 5 km/h, depending on the desired intensity of the UVC light treatment. It is a walk-behind machine to minimalize the pressure on the pitch. The UVC lights cover a width of 1.80 meters. The built-in foam mechanism marks the treated areas to guide the operator and to ensure the entire area is treated.

Based on data from the SGL analyser and weather forecast data, the SGL disease forecast model can determine the pressure of the different turfgrass diseases. The frequency of the treatments is based on these forecasts. Advanced support can be provided by the SGL agronomists.